Youtube Came up with Miniplayer option.


There was a real need for this option. At last youtube is now updated with a Youtube Miniplayer option.

After a long time, Youtube now comes up with this Miniplayer option. I didn’t understand why youtube is too late to set this option for their desktop mode.

There was no problem with the mobile version. You can easily search for anything on youtube and can watch video uninterrupted at the same time. But this option was not available for the desktop mode youtube.

Youtube Miniplayer Option

The Miniplayer option is available on the right side of the settings option on youtube video player. See the image below.

Youtube miniplayer option

After clicking on the Miniplayer icon you will get a little window on the right bottom corner of your pc/laptop. And you can do all the other tasks(like searching, see the list of videos on your Library etc.) on the youtube while watching the video. See the image below.


youtube miniplayer
Youtube Miniplayer

You can notice on the above image, the screen looks really amazing. Whao! Thank you youtube.

What You can do now?

The resolution of the little window is 400×285. There would be no problem of visibility as the window size is very satisfactory. So, you can watch the video with ease.

Now, users can search anything on desktop mode youtube with the running video uninterrupted at the same time. There will be no problem with your running video when you want to search anything on youtube search. Before that, the running video used to be removed and the search results are shown on youtube. This big problem is now solved.

The minimized video can be easily be maximized when you click on the minimized window. Users can run the next video on the minimized window and also have access to jump video forward or backward.

This Miniplayer option allows visitors to do multitasking job. Youtube has added many options before but this killer option will really make visitors fall in love with “youtube video watching” in desktop also.

Hope you liked this awesome Youtube Miniplayer option and taking the benefits of this option fantastically.

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