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Launching a New Website.

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Oh yeah! how beautiful it is.

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You can’t get visitors without SEO!!!!

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wordpress seo tutorial


What is SEO? What is the role and Importance of SEO?

Usually, after many mistakes, a new blogger comes to know the importance of ranking on search engine. If your site ranks on Google’s 1st page for any competitive keyword then how much organic traffic will you get you can’t imagine.

Many of the SEO experts explain their best SEO strategies on the internet about how to get more traffic and improve ranking on search engines.

I also read all the articles and after reading I found, it’s really confusing because all these sites are stuffed with many strategies(more than 30/40). But all are not important and readers may be confused about what he/she should follow and what shouldn’t.

So, here is the “Must Be followed” WordPress SEO Guide for you. Each and every step you must follow and I guarantee you can’t ignore any step yourself after reading the whole article.

Let’s start with the purpose and later discuss all the important steps.

What is The Purpose of SEO?

We can easily write nice content with the quality pieces of information.

But our purpose to write articles on a website is not to stuffing a site with quality information which is not visible on any search engine.

So, we need to write the article in such a way that search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo show our article on their top results.

That is the main Purpose of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

SEO experts know the best way to write an article which is pretty much helpful for search engine Crawler to understand article information.

It’s a special kind of hacking the bot which google have conducted for showing the best results to their Search Engine results. But not as you are thinking. Google is becoming intelligent day by day.

Different google bots have different ability to perform like understanding the article content, article quality, article length, Backlinks, Internal linking, crawling etc. And after the analyzing, google bots give a specific score to your article. This score is not visible and understandable by us.

Google provides specific scores to every Article ranked on top pages for a keyword. Which website gets the best score google shows it on their 1st page.

So the main purpose of SEO is to design a website and writing an article in such a way that Google considers your article the best and then shows you on top their top results.

Google is now MOSTLY focusing on the article quality and length for the ranking. The best Quality article will be seen on Google’s 1st page even without any backlinks. That’s how Google is MOTIVATING The New Bloggers.

WordPress SEO Guide

A website can be hosted on different platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Wix and much more available on the internet. But If your website is hosted on I don’t recommend because of many limitations) then it’s great. Because WordPress provides you the platform where you can easily design and maintain a site without any programming skills. Almost 30% of the total website in the world is powered by WordPress.

Millions of the useful Plugins also empowers the bloggers to do different tasks without any coding skills.

After knowing the purpose of SEO now, we will see 30 Best Strategy to improve WordPress SEO. All the SEO Tips I’m going to describe in this article is been proven to give you the Best Results and I’m also using.

Before starting I want to share my experiences. Currently, my site has no backlinks from a reputed site and don’t have hundreds of posts. But some of my posts are ranking on Google’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages. And those posts are ranking better every day. See the Images Below.

By following these 30 steps I ranked some of my posts on Google’s 1st page. Currently, my site only has 12 posts. Read all the steps to know how I ranked.

how to rank website

Now, Let’s Start the Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide…

1. URL Optimization

This is the first thing you need to do after installing WordPress on your hosting space. Because URL is the main thing to access your blog posts. URL address plays a great role in SEO. Use only short post name after website address like For good result, you should create short but meaningful permalinks. When a search query comes to Google bots then firstly google matches the word with the URL address and Post Title and later with Search Description. Read the instruction on Google’s Support.

Go to WordPress Settings -> Permalinks -> Select only Post name. Use only post name option for getting Good SEO results.

wordpress Seo guide.
WordPress URL Optimization

2. Yoast SEO

Yes! this plugin is so much powerful & amazing that got the 2nd position in this list. If you haven’t installed it yet then go and just install it first. Yoast works like your guide while writing a blog post. It checks the SEO of that article while you are writing.

Yoast checks your article with ascertained SEO parameter and tells you what the mistakes you are doing or what you should follow while writing.

You can easily set a focus keyword, Title, Meta Description and also can see the keyword density with just one tool and that is Yoast. It is really powerful and useful. This awesome plugin must be installed if you want to write an SEO friendly article.

3. XML Sitemap

Though google automatically crawls newly written article as fast as possible but you should manually generate a Sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console(fairly known as Google Webmaster Tool). This tool helps to index a site properly so that Google can show your content for a specific keyword when searched.

If you have installed Yoast then there is no need to worry about the sitemaps. Just open an account on Google Search Console and verify your site. Click here to know How to verify and automatically submit the sitemap to Google & Bing webmaster tools with Yoast.

wordpress seo guide
Sitemap of

Not only for Google but also you should submit the sitemap to Bing Webmaster also. The extra benefit of both the webmaster is, they provide a list of Searched keyword for which your article got the impression. You can see how many impressions, CTR each of your post getting and in which position they are ranking on Search Engines.

This is really great because which article is ranking better on the search engine you can work with them to increase the ranking.

4. Proper Use of Category & Tags

Many bloggers don’t know what is the benefits of Category and Tags in SEO. These two things have a great importance in SEO. When you write an article you must put the article in a specific category and related tags should also be attached.

Category & Tags Not only helps visitors but also Google Crawler for proper indexing of article. If you want to rank an article for a specific keyword then its very important that you put the article on a category and attached to related tags.

So, Google bots nicely understand your article in detail. Believe me, this is really an important SEO practice. I know somebody will ignore this simple method but You can see the difference after putting every article of your site in specific Category and Tags. There is a huge SEO mistake if you are not using category and tags for each and every post.

5. Ultimately Optimize Title & Description

Title and description is the only visible thing of an article on Search Engines. That’s why this is the most important factor of SEO. Visitors click on that title which they found relevant to what they are searching.

In WordPress, there is no need to worry about how to add a title, meta description, and focus keyword. Yoast here lets you add all those attributes in an easier way. All those options are given at the bottom of the WordPress Editor. So, take the benefits of Yoast and Ultimately optimize the title and description.

Optimization title and description
Optimization Title and Description
Title and Description is the first impression to the visitors. Deficiency of Optimization Title & Description can be the reason of Lower ranking of the article on the Search Engines.

6. Inter-linking Habit

Link building is so powerful that you can’t even imagine that strong inter-linking only can increase the SEO by 50%.

Link building has two types.

Inter-linking means linking existing post to a new article through anchor text while Backlink means having a link of your site on a different reputed & trusted site. Both are different.

inter linking
Inter Linking

Powerful inter-linking improves SEO of a site amazingly. Google bots go from one link to another step by step and as much as you provide links to an article google bots understand the article as more informative. So build strong Inter-linking in each and every posts.

To create Backlinks- 20 Ways To Generate High-Quality Backlinks.

7. Image Optimization

If you upload high-quality images on your blog posts but without optimization then the size of the page becomes very big. Big size pages take the longer time to load Which effects the SEO very much. Google recommends max 3 sec is the idle time of loading as most of the visitors go back and click on different a site if it takes longer than 3 sec to load.

So, optimize all the images as much as you can but also maintain the quality of the image because the quality is very much important for visitors. Bad quality images give negative feedback to the visitors.

In WordPress, many image optimization plugins are there but I’m currently using the free version of Imagify.

Imagify helps me to automatically optimize the image while upload maintaining the quality.

8. Start Keyword Researching

Bloggers can write a nice article but if the article is written without a keyword research then the article may never rank on Google’s 1st page.

So, firstly we need to know the competition, monthly searches and the CPC of a specific keyword. If you write an article and the monthly searches for the keyword is 100 then your hard work will totally go in vain. Conduct a keyword research and find your target keyword which has low competition but good monthly searches.

Google Ads is a great tool here to do a perfect keyword research.

Keyword plays a great role here. Always use Long Tail keyword because competition becomes lower on long tail keywords.

wodpress seo guide
Long Tail Keyword

You can see in the above image, ranking on “Benefits of contextual backlinks” this keyword is easier than “Benefits of Backlinks”. So, choose a low competition long tail keyword that is my suggestion to you.

9. Use Google’s LSI Keywords

When you found the Focus keyword for which your article will rank then you should find some related keyword of that keyword. You can easily find it from Google’s LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword suggestions and use them in the Title, description and throughout the whole article.

wordpress seo guide
WordPress SEO guide LSI Keywords.

In the above image, you are seeing the LSI keyword of the search ” WordPress SEO Guide”

10. Add AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page)

If your website has no AMP then you are in big mistake. Because nowadays AMP is so important that almost each and every site are using AMP to provide better experiences on Mobile.

AMP effects SEO too much on mobile. If you search for anything on google from Mobile then you can notice that most of the pages Google is showing on the 1st page is AMP pages.

You can easily differentiate between normal and AMP pages by noticing a flash icon on google search results only on mobile.

wordpress seo guide
Amp pages on Mobile.

I have already written an article on how to add AMP which also has floating sharing buttons by default.

11. Don’t Worry About Yoast Green SEO Signal

Most of the new blogger thinks that if Yoast Greenlight is glowing then the SEO is great. But not as you think.

Having a Yoast green light doesn’t mean that the SEO of the article is Good. Yoast sometime doesn’t show the Green lights only for using stop words. But if you strongly follow Yoast then your article will look like spammy.

Write an article which is easily understandable and use the focus keyword and Google LSI keyword in the 1st 100 word and last 100 words. Google bots mostly use the 1st 100 words and last 100 words of an article to understand the niche of the article.

12. Start using SSL Certificate

You may know some days ago, google chrome has been updated and they said that sites not having SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate will not be opened in Google Chrome further. This proves that an SSL certificate is how much important nowadays.

An SSL certificate converts your HTTP site to HTTPS and secures your site.

You can easily purchase an SSL certificate while purchasing Hosting from BlueHost, Siteground, Hostgator or Godaddy.

Purchase Siteground hosting for amazing performance and Speed along with that they also provide free SSL certificate and free CDN. Siteground is recommended by WordPress and Siteground also famous for speed. Click on the below Button To get discount.


Hostgator also provide don’t charge any extra money for SSL certificate. Click on the below button to purchase Hostgator Linux Hosting with free SSL certificate in 40% discount. I used both of the hostings, Siteground, and Hostgator. Both of the Hosting is really amazing in performance but Siteground is more faster than Hostgator.


13. Use Social Sharing Button

Social Sharing Buttons are so important that your site must have Share Buttons like Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and as per your choices. Share Button helps visitors to share any post to their favorite Social Media site in a click.

Now, Whatsapp also came up with share button so Whatsapp share button is now very much important for every site.

Use beautifully designed Social Sharing Button for desktop and also for mobile AMP.

If you want to add beautiful Social Sharing Button check out my post –

How to add Beautiful floating sharing button for desktop and mobile AMP?

14. Javascript and CSS file Grouping

You know that WordPress provides thousands of free good looking themes for their users. Those themes are designed for different purposes and all are not perfectly optimized. Javascript and CSS are not grouped for most of the free themes in WordPress.

Currently, I’m using Colormug and there was javascript and CSS grouping problem when I checked my SEO in Gtmetrix. My score was very very poor. Click here to check your site score now.

So, You can manually group all the Javascript and CSS file through your coding skills or use plugins for your theme. Fast velocity minify is the best plugin I found for this purpose. Along with that, I’m using Async Javascript plugin.

You can use any theme in WordPress but optimization is very important for the SEO of your site.

15. Use Solid Web Host

Lots of companies are there for providing Web Hosting, some are cheap and some are costly. Companies show different facilities they are providing with hosting. But the page loading speed is the main factor rather than all the facilities.

Bluehost and Siteground are the best for their performance. Server Response time is very less in Bluehost and Sitegorund.

Siteground is known for their performance and Very Faster Speed. I’m using Siteground Hosting right now. This is really fast you can check my score on gtmetrix.

If you want to purchase hosting for Good performance and also a little bit Cheap then Hostgator is the best. I also used Hostgator for 6 months. They are slower than Siteground. My page was opening in 3-4 sec on Hostgator but now within 1.8 sec with Siteground Hosting. You can imagine the difference.

My recommendation to you purchase any web hosting as per your choice but remember that the Server Response Time should be very fast. Otherwise, your site may become slow. For Security and Speed, there is no comparison with Siteground. Purchase Now.

16. Decrease No. of Ads

More Ads means more money. But more ads also means more time to load.

If you add too many Ads on your site then it will look spammy and it also disturbs reader’s mind.

Google Adsense Auto Ads is the best according to me. As it automatically decides how many ads to show. But you can manually add no. of ads to your site.

3-4 Ads is Enough for a Blog post. If your article is very big then you can consider more than 5 ads.

Affiliate marketing can reduce the no. of ads on your site. Start affiliate marketing now. Affiliate Marketing can give you more earnings than Ads.

17. Use Short Permalinks

Permalinks have a great importance in SEO. Google bots also use the permalinks to match the Keyword Searched in the search engine. Permalinks should be understandable. You can use the focus keyword in the permalink.

But long permalinks can give you no benefits. If there are dates in the permalinks then remove dates from the permalink and keep it simple. Example- You can easily change the permalink structure from the WordPress settings.

Go to your WordPress admin area -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Select only Post name. I also mentioned it on the 1st step earlier.

Don’t stuff many keywords in the permalinks. Always put the focus keyword in the permalink if you want the best SEO result.

18. Page Speed

If all the SEO is done nicely but Page Loading Speed is slow then there will be no benefit of those Hard work. Page Loading Speed is the main factor in SEO.

Google recommends your site should be loaded within max 3 sec if you expect to rank on Google’s 1st page.

There are many things which can increase the page loading speed of your site. Firstly your Hosting provider should be very fast. Then the theme you are using should be nicely optimized. Javascript and CSS file should be grouped together. Because less URL means less loading time.

The images you are using in your blog post should be perfectly optimized. Big size images take a longer time to load.

So, you must use important plugins to increase the page speed and SEO score of your Website.

You must enable cache for your site. Cache helps to load your site faster storing necessary data on readers computer. Autoptimize Plugin is pretty good for this purpose.

You can use a good CDN network for providing faster loading experience to the readers of a different country.

19. Longer Content

If you really expect the good result then contents of your site should not be short. Survey says that contents which have more than 2000 words rank better on google. Website having short content will get the bounce rate higher.

Longer content will definitely be SEO rewarded by Google. Google understands longer content as a good source of information. But content should be SEO optimized and unique.

Following only some SEO guide will not help you to rank better. Good content only can help you to rank on the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Longer content will also help you to add more Ads in your blog and boost up your earnings.

20. Limit Media

Media file is important for every blog post but this increases the size of the blog post. Big size pages will take a longer time to load. Use only necessary media file which is really helpful for the readers to understand or provide only niche related images.

Again if you are using media then don’t forget to optimize the images. Image optimization is very much important. Use Imagify to optimize images automatically while uploading

Embed videos when it’s really important otherwise it will increase the size of the page. you should embed youtube videos rather than uploading videos in your blog.

21. Optimize Comments

Some people are very crazy to create backlinks so they usually comment on every website they see. There is no benefit of this type of commenting on your site. So, you must optimize the comments.

There is many good comment optimization plugin which automatically checks if the comment is spam or not. Akismet Anti-Spam is a really good plugin for detecting spam comment.

But You should reply to the real commentors in your blog and tell them to subscribe to your website for getting regular updates. If anyone gets a reply from the admin of any website definitely he becomes happy and will again come to your site to see the reply. Now, there is more chance that commentors subscribe to your newsletter.

22. Start Using CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have revolutionized web hosting during the past few years. Rather than hosting your website a single server, you can distribute the files and load across multiple systems.

CDN helps to store static files such as Audio, Image, Video, CSS, and Javascript codes on different servers in the different locations. So, visitors of any website having CDN will experience faster site performance form any location in the world.

Siteground provides free CDN services for each of their hosting plans. They have servers in different locations like SingaporeChicago, Amsterdam, London. 

CDN will also help to pre-cache your site, distribute the load, save bandwidth, boost performance and reduce your existing hosting costs — often for free.

CDN Enabler plugin is simply good for free CDN. Download and install it from the below button.


23. Nofollow External links in WordPress

If you add an external link in your blog post then you are providing link juice to that site.

By default, WordPress does not allow you to automatically add nofollow to external links. You will have to manually add this to outgoing links to external sites. See below code if you want to know how to make any link Nofollow.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Example Website</a>

On your WordPress editor just toggle to Text mode( By default it’s on visual mode) and add rel=”Nofollow” inside <a….> tags.

You shouldn’t provide Dofollow links to other sites more than the backlinks you are getting from other sites. Otherwise, you will start losing authority.

24. Specific Niche

A blog focused on a specific niche is more SEO rewarded by search engines rather than a blog with mix content. Google and other search engines understand niche focussed blog more valuable because they can easily compare the Score of your post with your competitors for perfect ranking and provide determined ads related to your website niche.

You should know, a simple post in a niche focussed website is more valuable than a quality content in a website not having a specific niche.

So, you must keep your blog on a specific niche and take the benefits of Search Engines. Wish you a Happy Blogging.

25. Light Weight Design

The theme and design that you are using for your site shouldn’t be heavy. Because more stylish design means more codes and as a result, it will take a longer time to load. In WordPress, there are lots of free and premium themes available for the different purposes of the websites. Some are heavy in size and some are light.

Choose always a lightweight theme and don’t stuff too many widgets in your site. Otherwise, page loading time will be increased. Yet if you are using a heavy theme and many widgets in your site then you must optimize your site ultimately.

Firstly check your SEO score and page loading time in Gtmetrix. If your Score is poor and it’s taking a long time to load then my post 7 Must Free WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Score in Gtmetrix may become pretty much helpful for you.

26. Engage your Traffic

This is a big mistake most of the blogger do on their website. If you are not engaging your traffic then you are losing around 30% more page views and many earnings.

you can see in the top Blogging website that they publish e-books, sell SEO tools, and sell hostings etc. This is the strategy to engage your traffic into profitable business. This was an extraordinary thing but you must create strong interlinking with the existing posts. Powerful interlinking definitely will give you more visits to your site and people will stay more time on your site.

Believe me, if people are spending more time in your site then there is nothing better SEO strategy than it. Google will improve the ranking of your site very fast.

You must reply to each and every Real commentors on your site. This positive feedback from you can transform a visitors into a subscriber. But don’t give a response to a spammer or better use Akismet Anti-Spam(Premium) for comment optimization.

27. Don’t Copy Content

Copying will not help you to go long in Blogging. Google likes unique content and helps unique content to rank better on the search engine. Believe me, if your unique content ranks on Google’s 1st page there is a great happiness you can feel.

If you really want to succeed in Blogging then you should never copy any content from other sites. Your content should be unique. Google is so intelligent nowadays that if you copy content then Google may penalize your site.

Remember, even if you are copying content from your existing post then also you may get penalized by Google or Google will demote your site. Create each and every content unique on your site. So, Google and other Search Engines will give your site Good SEO score which will definitely improve your site ranking because search engine bots will understand your site as a Quality site.

Want to know if your site has any duplicate content? Click here.

28. Create Strong Backlinks

Now, come to the most important point and that is Backlinks. Somebody says you can never rank on the top pages without Good Backlinks from reputed sites. But I don’t know this is true or false. Let’s judge it yourself. I will share my experiences.

Currently, my site has zero backlinks from any reputed or normal sites. I have written one post about the Benefits of Backlinks is SEO. This post is ranking on Google’s 1st and sometimes on the 2nd page. Just type on search engine “Benefits of backlinks/ Benefits of backlinks in SEO you can notice.

Wordpress SEO Guide
Keyword “Benefits of backlinks in SEO”.

you can also search “Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool” and you will find my post ranking on Google’s 1st page.

Wordpress SEO guide
Keyword “Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool”

So, I have proved that backlinks are not the only SEO strategy to rank your site/post. Content Quality is king here.

But you should create backlinks from other reputed sites. This will improve your site’s SEO score which Google uses for competing with high competition keywords. This SEO score is not visible by us; Google gives it itself after investigating many things.

So, create backlinks as much as you can and increase the SEO value of your site.

29. Use Caching Plugin

Cache memory is a temporary memory for storing web documents such as HTML pages and images, to reduce server lag. If you visit a site once then the website will load such important things in your browser. It’s very simple to add a caching plugin in WordPress. There are many plugins available for caching. But I’m currently using Autoptimize. Download and install it from below button.


Remember if you are not using any caching plugin then pages will be reloaded fully every time a regular user comes to your site. This will take more time to load and your visitors may be disgusted. Though this is the 29th strategy in my WordPress SEO Guide but this is equally important as no. 1 guide. You must install any caching plugin for better performance of your site.

30. Never Do Any Spelling Mistake

Little spelling mistakes can reduce your site SEO score a lot. Google and other search engine bots are very much intelligent nowadays. By default, there are no tools available for checking spelling mistake on WordPress editor. So, you must use any tool for checking the spelling mistakes.

In the Google Chrome browser, you can add extensions such as Grammarly and Ginger which are pretty good for checking Grammer and Spelling mistakes. This tools automatically check the mistakes and underline the mistakes with a red line. When you keep your mouse pointer on the word then the correct word will be suggested. This is very easy. Add any extension right now.

This was my WordPress SEO Guide for you. Now, you may not have any question about WordPress SEO. This was the complete guide and in detail. You can’t ignore any steps here because I only put the most important SEO strategy.

Thanks for Reading my article. Wish you Happy blogging.

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I am a very passionate blogger and love to share my knowledge. Technology always attracts me and I turned my attraction into Help for people. My goal is to provide the Best information to my readers and really I love it. But my motivation is just a good comment from you, nothing else. Happy Blogging.

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