Batteries! Oh no! What a discovery! Which is changing the world from the first discovery by Volta! Think how today’s world will look like without a battery! Which are the devices you can eliminate¬†from this world which are running on batteries to see how batteryless world looks like?

maybe 90% of electronics devices!


This simple thing is so important for today’s world you may can’t understand. Scientists are always researching to develop batteries which can long soo last that it need to charge only 2-3 times in your whole life cycle. This dream may be now in reality.

Recently NASA discovered a lithium-ion battery and tested it and the result will really amaze you! If you put them in your hand-held electronic game, you might never have to buy batteries again!


NASA is firstly utilizing this battery for space satellites. The researchers also developing this battery for mobile, smartphone and laptop devices.¬†How nice that we don’t have to plug everything into the wall to get electricity!

This battery was discovered for only space purpose but mobile companies like Samsung, Apple are giving the interest to implement this on their devices.

Special Ability:

  • NASA confirmed, even though batteries may work fine down here on Earth, space is another matter . . . or rather, lack of matter!
  • In space, batteries must work in both very hot and very cold conditions. They must withstand a lot of radiation from the Sun. They must work in a vacuum without leaking or blowing up! They must be rugged enough to withstand the severe vibrations of a rocket launch.
  • Batteries now being used in space are the rechargable kind, usually nickel-cadmium (or Ni-Cad). They are recharged by solar cells that convert the sun’s energy to electricity. However, these batteries eventually wear out and no longer can be recharged.

Find out just how long your Li-ion batteries would last:

  • NASA created a very curious calculator on their site to count how long this battery would last. You have to put your current age and number of hours you use this battery. The calculator will tell you when this battery needs to charge in your life. To check click on the below link-
  • Space Battery Calculator.

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