How To Take Loan For College Students With Mpocket.


If you are a college student then sometimes you may found that there is no money at the last few of a month. It happens for all. But how will it be if you get instant cash loan without going anywhere? That’s why you have to read the whole article how to take a loan for college students.

loan for college students
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Loan For College Students


  • You must be a college student.
  • Have an Aadhar card.
  • Student ID card.
  • Your latest mark sheet.

Loan Limit

Firstly, you will get a lower Loan limit. But as much as you use this app your loan limit will be increased up to 15000. There is some certain condition to increase the limit. But your borrowing limit is dynamic here so it can move UP and DOWN over time. For increasing Limit:

  • Repay on time.
  • Transact regularly.
  • Refer friends to mPocket.
  • Connect with more friends on the app.
  • Increase your mCoin balance when your connections repay on time.


Your Loan Limit will not increase if you take a loan and repay instantly. So, you shouldn’t have to pay money instantly and also by late.

loan for college students with mpocket
credit: mPocket

Requirements Of Completing Profile.

There are 5 main steps to complete your mPocket profile. Each and every step you have to complete 100% for approving the mPocket account.

1. Aadhaar Verification

Here you have to put your valid Aadhaar No and upload the photo of the Aadhaar card of both sides. The photo should be clear.

2. Take A Selfie

A clear selfie photo of you must be uploaded in this step and a unique profile name should also be given by you. Remember, profile name should be maxed 20 characters and no space in the profile name.

3. Personal Information

Now, you have to fill personal details. Here are 4 sub-steps in this step.

  • The first step needs your name, DOB, Gender, Marital status, and Parents name.
  • The second step needs your Whatsapp number and an alternate number.
  • The third step needs your permanent address and pin code.
  • On the fourth step, you have to select with whom you live with.

4. Selfie Video

🙂 Yes! you have to record a video with reading out the text that will appear on the screen. This is a special type of security verification. You have to record the video on the bright light so that video is clearly visible.

5. College Information

This is the main criteria for which mPocket is approving your loan. I also said you before that you must be a college student if you want to take the benefit of this app. So, in this step, you have to select your college name, your degree, duration and upload the College ID/Admit card and Latest Marksheet. All this thing must be needed for approval.

Approval Time

If right documents are uploaded the there will be no issue regarding your approval. And they only take less than 12 hours to verify your documents. After the verification, they will call you if there is an issue. If there is no problem in the documents then you will receive an approval message on your registered phone no.

Now, you can take a loan as per the borrowing limit given to you. The loan will be given either paytm or Bank.

loan without credit score
credit: mPocket

Refer Friends & Earn

In this app, you can earn mCoins. 1 mCoins= Rs. 1 cashback. If you open a mPocket account with referral id then you will get 50 mCoins and referrer gets 25 mCoins when his friend gets approval and 25 mCoins when the friend takes the first loan.

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Or you can click on the link and install

This is the process of granting a loan for college students instantly without any job, fixed deposit and any other things. mPocket is really doing great things. This app is very useful for all the college students. The verification method is very simple and the fastest I have ever seen.

If you have any question/problem with approval then ask me in the comment section. Thanks for reading this article and share this post if it’s helpful for your friends.

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