How To Add Buttons, Notebox, Tabs & Sliders in WordPress?


Many of you may want to catch the attention of readers with a dynamic classic design blog post. Classic design means the post is written very nicely including the sharing options, download link with Buttons, Giving the note box when needed, Proper use of Sliders and Tabs between post when necessary.

You shouldn’t do any mistakes while satisfying the readers. “Blog Post design could be better somehow” this question shouldn’t come in readers mind anyway. WordPress Buttons and other note boxes play a great role to attract the reader’s attention.

This post will be pretty much helpful for those who want to give their blog a classic attractive look using Buttons, note box, Quote etc.

I Can’t Code.

Don’t you know any programming languages?

Don’t worry.

WordPress platform is especially for Non-Techies.

But if you have enough knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP then you are also welcome to this platform for making a dynamic website. The programmer can easily design their website according to their choice.

Programming knowledge is not necessary for WordPress. Without any programming language, you can even create a better-looking website from scratch. Millions of free and attractive themes available on WordPress.

But If you want to design custom pages for your site or whole site according to your choices then it’s also possible without any programming knowledge. That is the versatility of WordPress.

Elementor is a free plugin which lets you design any types of website you want from scratch. No coding knowledge needed. You can download and install this plugin from Below Button.



So, there is no problem if you don’t have any programming knowledge. Now, Let see how you can add beautiful looking buttons in WordPress.

How To Add Buttons in WordPress using MaxButtons

Adding Buttons is not a big task. It’s very simple if you have the right knowledge of plugins. Non-techie WordPress blogger should only have knowledge of perfect plugins which they can use for specific purposes.

how to add buacttons in wordpress
Credit: MaxButton.

This plugin is so awesome that you will be addicted to using the attractive buttons provided by MaxButton while giving special types of links like download, Subscribe, Purchase etc. to your readers.

By the way, you can only use the MaxButton if your WordPress version meets the requirements of 5.3

MaxButton Features:

  • Simple Button Shortcode is given for ease of use.
  • Allows creating unlimited no of Buttons.
  • Design, Color, Gradient Buttons as per your choice.

Searching Plugins for Social Share buttons?

MaxButton also provides beautifully designed Social Buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Linkedin and many more. No need to install a different plugin for including social share buttons in the post.

The main advantage is MaxButton allows you to attach Social Share Button like Bottom of the post, Bottom, and Top of the post, Left side and Right Side. And This is totally free to use.

MaxButton Social share button
Credit: MaxButton


Lots of design is available totally free to use. Download install and Enjoy.

But MaxButtton Provides a different plugin to add Social Share Buttons. That is WordPress Share Button Plugin. Download The Plugin & Learn a quick guide of WordPress Share Button Plugin by Maxbuttton.

If you are looking for an AMP with Social Sharing Button then Ankush has already written an article on that. Check below link-

Are Share Buttons Effective? Best AMP With Floating Sharing Button.


Now, we will talk about how to add Notebox, Tabs, Slides and many related WordPress buttons options easily without coding?

Add Notebox, Tabs & Slides

Sometimes we want to give some highlighted note to our readers which give our blog a classic look and catches readers attention. But Non-Tichie blogger doesn’t know how to use this between blog post. WordPress is so powerful now that, you don’t need knowledge of a single line of code to design a beautiful looking website. So, let see how to add Notebox in WordPress blog.

Do You Know?

BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center and many more big sites are hosted and designed in WordPress.

Like Buttons Adding Notebox is not a hard work. Shortcodes Ultimate is the plugin which lets you add any types of note box, slides, tabs, Maps and also buttons etc. Lots of options are available in this plugin.


Shortcodes UltimateFeaturesImage
Shortcodes Ultimate is a free tool to add any types of visual functional elements, which you can use in the post editor, text widgets or even in template files. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos and much, much more.

Feature highlights

  • 50+ beautiful shortcodes
  • 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview
  • Works with any theme
  • Modern responsive design
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Custom widget
  • Translated into 9 languages
  • RTL support
  • Powerful API
shortcodes plugins
Credit: Shortcodes


This is really a great plugin. Lots of option like Heading, tabs, spoiler, accordion, divider, label, quote, note boxes and many are available. You can see some of the options on the below image. The above Tab option I used from this Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

add notebox in wordpress
Credit: Shortcodes


It provides codes to use any types of option in your blog post just click on the option you want and it will show a shortcode which you need to paste in your blog post where you want.

You can change the color of any note box easily by changing the color code.

Max button is Specially for creating beautiful Buttons.

WordPress Share Button is Specially for Adding Beautiful Social Buttons.

Shortcodes Ultimate is Specially for Beautiful visual elements like note boxes, Tabs, Slides and also for Buttons.


You can comment below if you have any question. Comment motivates us. so, please comment us if this post was anyhow helpful for you. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing our post.


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