How Google Shows Targeted Ads In Your MOBILE?


Have you ever wondered getting the same product ads in your mobile after you searched a product on Flipkart or Amazon which you want to purchase? If yes, then You must know how Google shows Targeted Ads on your Mobile/Laptop.

The first thing you need to know that nothing in this world is free for you. If you are enjoying any facility of one thing then directly or indirectly you have to pay for it. But today I will show you how you can stop different advertiser to show Ads on your Mobile.

How Google Shows Targeted Ads To You?

Google does this thing very intelligently. Actually, when you visit any websites or open an account in any site or app then you are giving your email address and some personal details to those sites. All of those sites where you have opened accounts are allowing you free sign in.

But actually, it’s not free. They are collecting your details and selling it to the different digital marketing company without your permission. I know what you are thinking right now.

It’s losing our privacy. But you should know that you are the person who is unknowingly giving permissions to those sites to do that. How??

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You may be noticed that when you are going to open an account in any site then there is a line before the sign-up button I accept the terms and conditions. And you must have to check the box to sign up.

Let see an example.

How Google shows targeted ads
Read the red colored box on the above image.

Here is no checkbox but when you will sign up facebook you are agreeing with the terms and conditions.

And when you will read what is inside the Data policy then you will find lots of content is there. One sort of those see in the below image.

How google show targeted ads
Credit: Facebook

What Google Do With This Data?

This such types of data are the backbone of Google’s Business. Google uses this data for mostly providing you targeted ads. Targeted means Ads which should be relevant to your interest.

If Google shows people Ads which is not relevant to their interest then Ads can’t grow the business. So, why people would invest money to show Ads on the Internet. Then there will be no difference between Tv Ads and Internet Ads.

But this doesn’t happen. There is such powerful tool like Google Adwords where you can run different campaigns for any product or website and set Daily Budgets, Location, Networks(like facebook, youtube), Languages. So Google needs user’s data to provide such type of targeted Ads. It helps advertisers to show Ads on selected users.

How To Stop Showing Google Ads?

Actually, if you don’t want to provide your device and account information to Google then you may not be able to create a Gmail account. You can only create an account on google when you are agreeing on the Data Policy and Terms and Condition.

But you can trust on the Google but when you open an account on Flipkart, Amazon, Bookmyshow, MakeMyTrip etc then they are collecting your data and selling it to Google.

Let see to which app and website you have given permission to show Ads.

Go to Youtube-> Click on the Option on any Ad showed in below image.

how google show ads
Credit: Youtube


Now, You will get this type of drop-down options. Click on the Why This Ad?

why this ad
Credit: Youtube

Then you will get this window. Click on Ad Settings.

changing google ad setting
Credit: Youtube

Now, You can see to which website you have given the permission to show Ads.

how google show targeted ads
Credit: Google

here is all the website I have given permission to show Google Ads. Like that you can also see yours.

stop google showing ads
Credit: Google

Here Google also saves your interest like Business news, Book Literature, Beauty & Fitness.

Just click on any of the website or interest and Turn off to show Ads.

Turn off Google ads
Credit: Google

This is the way to Turn off any advertiser to show you Ads. After turning off any advertiser you may not get the ads of that advertiser but you will still get ads of different advertisers. You will now get random ads.

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