Chrome Is Now More Sophisticated Than Other Browsers.


With the faster development of technology and the internet over two-decade, software and applications have become more intelligent than ever. They are now more accurate and can perform those tasks which humans have never thought before. Our aim is to create more sophisticated software which can reduce the workload of the human being.

The web browser is the door to the internet world. The 1st browser in the world WorldWideWeb(not to be confused with World Wide Web) could only open a webpage if you put the right URL.

But time has changed and there are the much intelligent features needed in the browser for handling different jobs which can simplify the work of human being.

Recently the world’s top Browser Google Chrome has come up with an update to make this browser more sophisticated for users. Let’s have a look, why it’s more sophisticated than before?

Set Payment Method

Now, you can save your debit/credit card details in your chrome browser for faster filling payment details when needed. When you want to make a payment then automatically chrome browser will fill the saved card details for you.

And the main question is how much secure is it?

The answer is, You are in the security of Google. And it’s like Mission impossible to hack Google. So, don’t worry.

Hope this option will not make you bring out your cards every time for making an online payment.

Can See Saved Passwords

If you have saved passwords for an account on Google Chrome then Usually Google doesn’t provide any option on the login screen for seeing the saved password. But There is an option by which you can see those saved passwords in google chrome.

Go to Chrome settings> Passwords.

Here you can see the list of saved passwords and the eye icon beside them. Clicking on the eye icon will let you see the saved password.

Hope this option will help you to know the forgotten passwords.

Faster Your Browsing Speed

The word sophisticated actually matches for this option which I’m going to tell you now. You should know when you search anything(URLs/searches) on the address bar then google collects the data to provide you URL and search predictions for next time.

But there is an option on the settings where you can stop search predictions. Which URL you have visited more Google Chrome will suggest you the URL if you type the 1st letter of the URL. The same happens for searches also.

Chrome can also predict pages which you have visited more and help you to load the page quickly. Enable/disable page prediction going to Settings-> Advanced->Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.

Control What Information Websites Can Use

Unfortunately, many users don’t know that what kind of permissions websites are using in your laptop/pc. If you really want to know which permissions are given to different websites then Go to Settings->Advanced->Content Settings.

chrome features

Here you can allow/disallow sites for using cookies, locations, camera, microphone, notifications, popup and redirects, automatic downloads and many most important things. Open and check all on content settings now.

Sometimes users got hacked because of wrong settings on the browser they are using. Don’t take it simple. Your negligence can be the cause of being hacked by hackers.

Are you using Google Chrome friends? Then this post may become helpful for you. If you have any question then ask on the comment section below. Thank you for reading this article.

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