Are Share Buttons Effective? Best AMP With Floating Sharing Button.


Day by day the ecosystem of the internet web is increasing and peoples are also becoming habitual on different social media platform. They have friend circle on different social media platforms so they want to share a post which attracted them to their preferred social media platform. In this blog, I will discuss “Should You use Floating Sharing Button on your site?”

If YES then, “How should you Add Floating Sharing Button to your site?”

Are Share Buttons Effective?

As technology is growing very rapidly, lots of options become mandatory for a website. Latest trending technology should be immediately implemented on websites to make alive your site on a better ranking. Because people love to taste the new technology, so your site should be upgraded as soon as possible with the latest trends.

This question arises because many bloggers don’t get shares of their post. But It’s very important having social media sharing option available on the blog. Blogger can’t expect people will copy the blog-post link and share to his/her friends. This is a very bad and old way of sharing and most of the people will not be interested to do that. Maybe very less no of people are sharing your post but each user who is sharing your post is the best customer of you. So, you can’t ignore them.

That’s why Blogger usually makes all the option available which is needed for a blog reader. But New blogger tries to install all the trending design of a website as soon as possible for getting more popular looking which may attract visitors.

Remember This Before Installing Floating Sharing Button Plugins:

But Wait! Bloggers should be careful about the disadvantages of the new plugins helping to add the latest dynamic option on your site very easily. Sometimes easy way becomes very harmful. So, a website analytical test should be done after installing new plugins to your site.

Gtmetrix is the best tool to analyze the whole website. This tool is capable to test site page loading speed form different server located on different regions. You can manually set up a region to test your site. If you found any serious issue regarding your site coding or page loading speed or Yslow score on gtmetrix then don’t worry!

I have already written an article to improve score and page speed on gtmetrix. This may be helpful for you-

 7 Must Free WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Score in Gtmetrix.

Why I Uninstalled “Add This” Plugin:

So every blogger is busy to install different plugins to add “Floating Sharing Button” without knowing its disadvantages! I was also the same. Firstly I will share my experience when I added floating sharing button on my site, What Happened? I installed a popular floating sharing button plugin “Add This” on my site 1 months ago and when I checked my site speed on gtmetrix after 3-4 days it was increased approx 3 seconds and having faults in javascript. When I analyzed the problem I found that the reason was the “Add this” plugin I had installed on my WordPress site.

After that, I removed the plugin and again checked the site loading speed and then there was no problem at all and my site speed was maintained at 1.5 sec. That’s great. You should know page loading speed is everything. As fast as your site opens, your site will rank better on google. Google especially recommend 3 sec max.

So, friends, you should care about the plugins you install on WordPress because it may affect your site ranking. Always check the effect after installing any plugins on gtmetrix. May the page loading speed increases or javascript rendering problem comes etc.

After that, I have tried different plugins to add floating sharing button on site but each and every plugin are slowing down site loading speed. So I have not used any floating sharing button on my site.

What is The Solution or Alternatives?

Here I will provide two types of alternatives for you. Both are best and very effective way to add Floating Sharing Button to your site.

  • WordPress Share Buttons
  • AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages

WordPress Share Button By MaxButton

First of all, I wanna clear you that, there is no comparison between these two powerful plugins. Both are important and you should install and use both of the plugins.

Though both are for a similar purpose(add floating share button) but the function of these two plugins is for different environments.

WordPress Share Button is for the Desktop site while AMP-Accelerated Mobile page is only for AMP which only designed for mobile.

wordpress share butttons
WordPress Share Button By MaxButton

The main advantage of this plugin is it doesn’t affect the page loading time. Because its very light in size.

This plugin allows you to choose where to show or not show the sharing buttons.

Also, you can change the Color, fonts, Shapes, and alignment of share buttons. So, you can design it as per your choice.

Download this awesome plugin from below Button-


AMP with Sharing Buttons

Do you know AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)? AMP is empowering all site to load on mobile very much faster. There is some AMP which by default comes with floating sharing button option on mobile and desktop. This is very helpful for all the bloggers. And I found that it hasn’t any bad effect on the site loading speed and others.

Bloggers should remember that 80% users on the internet are using mobile devices so it will be better to rank your site over AMP and not only simple AMP but also a customized and good looking faster AMP.

So, now I will tell you which AMP I am using for my site I found this AMP is really great. Currently, I am using the free version but you can go for premium version for more functionality.





Yes! I am using AMP for WP – Accelerated mobile Pages plugin for my site. This plugin is currently very popular on WordPress. It has 100,000+ active installation.

The main reason I am using it is-

  • Got floating sharing button on the bottom of the mobile screen and on the side of the desktop(you can change it further).
  • Very faster AMP
  • No error on indexing of AMP pages.

This plugin doesn’t slow your site and you get floating sharing option with WhatsApp sharing option by default. Below image is showing that how beautiful it looks on mobile devices.

Floating sharing button amp


This AMP plugin is really great and I am very much satisfied with its features and given options. Really there is no comparison with this AMP plugins. You can also try it. I have got the best result for my site and I’m also recommending you with no doubt.

Thanks, friends for reading this article. If you found this article is helpful for others then please share or you can pin it to your Pinterest account.

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