You may have tried many SEO strategies for making your post rank on Google’s 1st page but never succeed. SEO is not a List of methods which you can learn, apply and succeed. It depends on the situation that which method you should follow for different types of the blog post.

Don’t worry, if you have no plan or strategy to rank your site on Google and Bing etc. In this Blog post, I will discuss Top 3 Strategy To Rank Website Through Alt Text in detail. So that, You may don’t have any question further related to Alt Text and how to use it for SEO. Let’s start…

Firstly I wanna clear you that which method I’m gonna discuss in this post will be beneficial for both the bloggers of WordPress and and if you don’t know much more about “Alt Text” don’t worry. All the things will be discussed in this post in detail and also if you have any question you can comment us. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

How Much Helpful is Alt Tag for SEO?

When we are talking about SEO you may know there are two types of SEO.  Mentioned Below-

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Alt attribute option belongs to on-page SEO. This simple option is nothing but a tool to define those images used in a site. When you upload an image to your site then Google can’t recognize itself that what types/category image is it. So that, we need to help Google by giving keywords to that image. So, Google bots can easily recognize the image through the keywords you used for that particular image.

And that Keyword is given through the  Alt text option available on both WordPress and blogger. So This tool is really very useful for proper indexing of images on Google and it also helps for doing SEO of a blog very easily.

When all the other method of On-Page SEO is done pretty well then proper keyword targeting in the Alt text field can boost up your post ranking. You should remember, without maintaining proper on-page SEO like Keyword Density, Focus Keyword, proper writing, lengthy article, meta description, Keyword Targeted Title Alt Text may not be so helpful for you. Because our aim is to bring visitors to our blog and visitors should be satisfied with your article. And to satisfy a reader you should strictly maintain all the On-Page SEO what I mentioned earlier. SEO optimized and easily understandable article attracts visitors to read the whole blog.

Now, the question is how much helpful is Alt Text for SEO?

The basic fact is google bots understands nothing but only keywords. And we have to rank our article through Proper keyword targeting. When we start writing a blog post then firstly we identify our focus keyword. This is the main thing. Without the focus keyword, there is no way of ranking. Because we should focus our article on a particular topic and related keyword should also be perfectly used with focus keyword.

So, we usually use the targeted keyword in the title and meta description of the article and as well as throughout the whole article. But when we add images in our article then for a particular image we get Alt text and image description option. Both the option can be very very effective for better ranking if you use this option perfectly for targeting keywords.

1. Helping Others To Get Very Attractive And Unique Images:

This is the best strategy according to me and most of the SEO expert also following that. You know, there is a big problem with images when we want to add a good but without copyright image to our site from Google Search results. But when we try to find copyright free images then there are no good images remaining on google search results. So, You can solve this problem by bringing some attractive and unique graphics or images which people can use it on their site. People might know your site when you have lots of attractive images in a particular category.

Make sure keep all these images copyright free and unique. When you do that you may get the result within a month. Lots of visitors will come to your site and this is really great and genuine idea to bring visitors to your site. You can serve people by giving them free images making a different page of Free Images on your site.  This option is soo powerful that, if you continuously upload free attractive images on your site then within a couple of months you will get traffic from organic search for your article and also from the free image available on google.

Try this and if it got helpful for you please comment us because this motivates us to write. Happy Blogging.

2. Keyword Targeting:

Writing a blog article will not bring visitors but writing a keyword targeted blog will bring lots of visitors to a site. Most of the new blogger doesn’t know about keyword targeting and On-page SEO so they just write. Maybe their post is a quality post, very good information is given but if the article is not optimized for google then its not a quality post according to Google.

So, When you decided that for which keyword your article would rank for then you should find the related keywords and synonym words also. You can use google search recommendation for that purpose. Below image is the related terms of the search “alt tag optimization”

Alt text optimization

You have to pick specific keywords from the related search results. And then use them on Alt tag, meta description and throughout the blog also.

This types of proper keyword targeting can boost up the article quality and google bots can properly understand your article. Basic Fact is that more your article is recognizable and understandable to google bots more your ranking improves.

3. Don’t Keep It Blank:

When your goal is to rank your site on Google’s 1st page then you can’t do any mistakes. Because there is higher competition. All are aiming to bring their site on the 1st page of Google. So, you should care about little mistakes happens while doing on-page SEO.

The big mistakes new bloggers do that is they don’t give any keywords to alt text and image description. I told you earlier that its really very powerful tool and leaving this field blank can be the cause of poor ranking of your site. Google’s intelligent crawler bots also detect if there any Alt Tag remaining blank on the site. If found then Google identify the site as a poor site as Google doesn’t get any information to identify the image of your site. So, definitely, Google wouldn’t give your site more impression.

So, fill the alt text with the synonym of the focus keyword or with the related search terms but don’t keep it blank. Because blank alt tag field is the sign of poor SEO. Follow it and Enjoy. Happy Blogging.

Friends, there is nothing much more about alt tag. This tool is very simple but very powerful. Use it for various SEO purpose of your site as you want. The best 3 strategy of SEO through Alt Tag I have discussed in this post. If you have any other idea for doing SEO using Alt altitude then please share with us in the comment section. Thank You.